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Vickers Hydraulic Valve

I am looking for Vickers Hydraulic Valve, the model cole is: DG4V-3S-2A-M-FTW-B5-60, MFR #: 02-110927. Do you have any stock now? Please let me know when you have a chance. Thanks a lot.

Submitted by: Catherine Tran

We do not have the valve you are looking for in stock (12/13/2011). But we do have the DG4V 3S 2A M FW B5 60 which is 02-109563.

If you look at the model code in the PDF, the only difference is the T which is the "wired terminal block" from position 10 of the model code.

Our part number is 296808

VICKERS- KAFDG 4 V52 C 5 ON MFPD7 H7 21...

VICKERS- KAFDG 4 V52 C 5 ON MFPD7 H7 21 - this valve used at KARANJWAN HYDRO ELECTRIC PROJECT, near Nasik. It is part of PID Controller, Driven By Driver Amplifier & Turbine Control.

Submitted by: Shankar k Shewale

There is a replacement for the valve you need.

The assembly number is 5996171-001. Your cost is .30 (11/30/2011).

Here is the new model code… KBFDG4V-5-2C50N-Z-M1-PE7-H7-11.

The lead time is 7 - 8 weeks.

Directional Control Valves...

Please offer us<

  • DG4V 3 2C M U C6 60
    Assembly Number: 859175
    Rated Pressure
    P, A&B 350 BAR (5075 psi)
    T 210 BAR (3045 psi)
    Koil: C 507826
    220V50 P01/06 (2 ea)
  • DG4V 3 2A M U 8660
    Assembly Number: 859159
    Koil: Vickers
    B 507833
    110V50 120V60 PQ4/04 (1 ea)
Submitted by: Yanto

Neither valve is in stock. The factory lead time is for both valves is 8 - 10 weeks.

The 859159 Assembly number is 238.97$ (11/28/2011) and the Assembly number 859175 is 390.83$ (11/28/2011).

Vickers DG4V valve...

We are looking for (2 each) of the following:

125vdc solenoid operated hydraulic control valve:

Part Number: DG4V-3-2A-M-U-DP7-60

Any information would be appreciated. (cost & availability)

Submitted by: Sandy Rainey

The Vickers short assembly number for the DG4V-3-2A-M-U-DP7-60 is 879991. Your cost is 282.96$ (10/10/11). We do not have it in stock and the factory lead time is 8 - 9 weeks.

You can read about the valve and decipher the model code here…




Directional valves...

We have DG4V-3S-2A-M-X1-H4-60L type directional control valves with a connecting plate DGMA-3-1E-20-SF-R1/2". Are these products still available?

Submitted by: Neil Coull

The valve is available from Eaton. The lead time is 10 - 11 weeks. The Product number is 02-354297. Your cost is .17.

The plate is not showing up as a good Eaton number. If you search Eatons PDF Library there is a similar plate but the PDF is in German. Perhaps your plate is a European/metric unit. They would use different numbers.

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