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Hydraulic Gear Pumps & PTO Pumps by Prince Manufacturing Corp.

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PTO Hydraulic Pumps

PTO Hydraulic Pumps

Mfr. Prince Manufacturing Corp.

Prince PTO Hydraulic Pumps slip directly onto the PTO shaft with no gear box required...
$70.69 - $737.45

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Hydraulic Gear Pump

I have woods 750 backhoe with a cessna 24503 LZA hydraluic Gear pump.The body of the pump cracked. Looking for new body or replacement pump. Does anyone know what the replacement pump would be ?

Submitted by: Z

Your obsolete pump is a 2.10 CuIn - we have a replacement with a 2.33 CuIn, 25504-LSC, cost 377.47 there is only one in stock in the US, 15lbs. The pump that is in stock is the last one - after that it is back to the drawing board.

Your porting is side 20 by side 16. The replacement pump porting is side 20 by side 12. The pump is 3/4" wider.

Horse power requierment using a gas engine...?

I am using a L2 gear pump number 25506 and I need to know what horse power would I need from a gas engine?

Submitted by: PATWEL

You will want to look at the required "Input Power" to get the desired or rated performance for each specific pump in Eaton’s literature. We have a link to the PDF on the product pages. The information you need is on pages 24, 25, and 26.

Pump / valve questions...

I am wanting to build a log splitter with as short a cycle time as possible while maintaining 27 ton press. What pump type? Does the valve type matter?

Submitted by: Tim

It is generally cheaper to buy the whole unit as one than it is to buy the individual components. However, you will want an 11 - 13 gallon, 2 stage, 3000 PSI gear pump. The Log Splitter Valve by Prince is a good choice.

24509 LAA

I have an old Cessna 24509-LAA. If anyone out there knew what the cu. in is, perhaps I could find an "equivalent" one.

Submitted by: Hugh

The modern version of your pump with slightly different porting is the Series L2, 25504-LSA.

old Cessna pump...

I have a Cessna 24500-500C. Are there any "kits" to fix it? If not, what Eaton pump would match and or provide slightly more capacity. It is for a Henry Backhoe which is mounted on an International 300 Utility tractor.

Submitted by: H Gwynn

The number you gave is a casting and not a part number. On the mounting flange ear there should be a number that starts with 245XX - xxx. So it is 5digits - 3letters. With that number we could get seal kits but those are the only parts available.

More than likely you will be cross referenced into a 255.. - XXX pump. An L2 Pump.

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