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I have a motor with number 201-1035-001 can i get a replacement or a interchangeable one?

I have a motor with the number 201-1035-001 on it. Can I get a replacement or an interchangeable motor? This part is off of backhoe I have had for many years thank you.

Submitted by: k.l. miller

The Eaton factory has recommended you replace your 201-1035-001 with a Series 6, Steering Contorl Unit, 14.1 CID, open center, non load reactive, Part number 211-1012-002. We have it in stock and our part number is 299897. You will have to re-use your steering column.


I have a motor with this number Char-Lynn product #110 1085 004 and I need replace it. Can you give me the specifications number, price and shipping cost to Delano CA 93215.

Submitted by: Isabel

We carry the 1110-1085-006 which is the latest version of the 110-1085-004. It has been added to the website and our part number is 322279. You can read all about the Series 4000 Wheel Motors on our web page or in the PDF linked on the page. You can calculate shipping by adding the Char-Lynn motor to your cart and then entering your zip code.

Char Lynn Motor 101-1016-007...

I have a motor stamped 101-1016-007. I need that motor or one with slightly higher torque and with the same stud pattern. Can you give me some options?

Submitted by: Anton/Tails

The 101-1016-007 is the older version of the 101-1016-009. It is an "H" Series Motor with 22.6 CID, and our part number is 296695.

You can get the same motor with the same 4 bolt mounting flange, the same shaft, and nearly the same RPM and GPM but with more torque if you use the "S" Motor instead of the "H" motor. The "S" Series Motor with the same configuration is the 103-1016-012. We have several in stock. Our part number is 308010 and your cost is 398.48$ (12/20/2011).

The torque would go from 3604 in-lb continuous (4283 in-lb intermittent) for the H to 4672 in-lb continuous (5200 in-lb intermittent) for the S series. You can read and compare all the specifications in Eaton's PDF we linked on the product pages starting of page 48 for the H and page 60 for the S.

Identifying a Char-Lynn motor...

I am trying to get information on a motor that is on my skid steer snowblower. The number on the tag is 158-3045-001. Is this a high flow pump? Is there a replacement number as i can’t seem to find any info on it?

Submitted by: z-man

The 158-3045-001 is a T Series Motor with the following model code: MT0030 AA 01 AA A01AA1000000000A0A. You can decipher the model code on our page about T Series Motors. The page also has a PDF link with much more information.

We do not stock the motor you need but we can order it from the factory. Your cost would be 314.16$ (10/26/11). The lead time is approximately 8 - 10 weeks.

Hydraulic motor

I have a motor with this number Char-Lynn 3691 product #104-1028-006 and I need replace it. Can you give me the specifications and number.

Submitted by: miguel

The motor you need is a Char-Lynn Series 2000 motor and our part number is 297081. You can get all the specifications on our web page on on the PDF linked on our page. We have plenty of them in stock.

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