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Looking for specifc Vickers Pressure Relief and Check Valves...

I am looking for the Vickers Pressure Valve Model RG-10-B4-30 and the Check Valve Model C5G-825. Can you quote these valves?

Submitted by: Shakler Nguyen

We do not stock either valve so we wil have to quote the Eaton / Vickers factory lead times.

The Pressure Relief Valve RG-10-B4-30 (ASSY# 629106): Your cost is 1075.51$ and the lead time is 17-19 Weeks (12/20/2011).

The Check Valve C5G-825 (ASSY# 358458): Your cost is 360.00$ and the lead time is 16-18 Weeks (12/20/2011).

Counterbalance valves...

I would like to know if the CBEA-LAN cartridge with a bcw/s 1fc1-ab block fitted onto a hydraulic winch can stop the load from moving down?

Submitted by: dirk

The CBEA-LAN "does NOT have positive seals on the pilot section and will pass up to 2 inĀ³/min.@1000 psi (32 cc/min.@70 bar ) between port 2 and port 3. This is a consideration in master-slave circuits and in the leak testing of valve-cylinder assemblies."

The better option would be to use a hydraulic winch motor equipped with a brake.

PTO pump for wood splitter on 30hp lawn tractor

What will be a good pump for a log splitter?

Submitted by: jerry

The Prince PTO Gear Pump is an old standby.

Vickers valve question...

I have a Vickers Four-Way valve that I can’t seem to find spares for. The tag says C-1454.

Submitted by: John

On page 4 of this Eaton PDF, you will find information about the C-1454 Vickers valve. It is no longer in production but there are some possible replacements. We will need to know application.

Counterbalance Valve...

We need Counterbalance Valve Vickers : CBV2-12-SS-0-30
Quantity : 40pcs/Month

Submitted by: sunu

The Vickers Model Code CBV2-12-SS-0-30 does not appear to be correct. The "SS" does not follow Eaton’s Published Code.

We do stock the Vickers Counter Ballance Valve CBV2 12 S 0 A 30.

We can set up regular shipments to your company. The lead time for the first month’s shipment would be 6 weeks from the date of order.

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