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Eaton 10 hydrostatic pump

I have a Bolens 1556 garden tractor and am looking for a replacement pump or a rebuild kit for the one I have. A forum had your website posted. It is an Eaton 10 and it is clockwise rotation.

Submitted by: chris

There should be a number on the front of the transmission which we can send to Eaton and hopefully get an archived PDF or exploded parts view. I have found one for the 11 Series (see page 5 for the part number location) but not he 10 Series. It is possible some parts are still available.

boat stern thruster

Hi, I would like to add a hydraulic stern thruster and windless to our boat. Possibly someday a "get home" system. I have a 8kw generator which uses a Kubota 3 cylinder diesel. I think it’s about 16 horse power but because it’s part of an Onan generator I can’t find out too much information about it. If I don’t use the generator to produce power at the same time could I run a large enough pump to do any of these things? Could it be added to the current belt or would I have to add it facing the damper from the front? Thank you for your help.
Alan Bissell

Submitted by: Alan Bissell

The kind of systems your are looking to install will probably require a few visits by a Marine Hydraulics technician to map out, but typcially a stern thruster would be driven by a PTO off of your main engines. You could take it off of the genset but since the thruster presumably would only be run when the mains are going it makes more sense to run off the mains. One pump off the mains should be able to run the windlass as well.

It is possible that you could do a belt take off from the Kubota and use it to drive a pump, but it really depends on how much flow you need for the thruster, windlass, and ’get home’ motor. You may want to consider some kind of separate engine or "Hydrualic Power Unit" for the hydraulic system.

hydraulic pump

where is the hydraulic pump located on a 1990 kodiak dump truck?

Submitted by: RICH

Can you follow the hydraulic lines back from the dump rams to the pump? You may have a pump which is directly driven by the Engine or you may have a remote pump driven by as small electric motor which is called a hydraulic power unit or HPU. Typically an HPU has a small hydraulic fluid reservoir mounted directly on top of it.

Making a tilt up truck bed...

I’m making a tilt up truck bed and need to know which pump could be used?

Submitted by: Bill Bennett

I believe you are looking for a Hydraulic Power Unit perhaps similar to the Monarch M-3551.

Monarch is a well known manufacturer of hydraulic power units and we can get most of their products for you.

Hydraulic pump and motor...

I need to replace a hydraulic pump and motor unit on a Japanese cnc machine. I am limited for space on the length of the unit. The pump I am replacing is a variable vane 30 L/min. 55 max P. kg/cm2 at 1800 r.p.m. The motor is 200 v. 2.2 kw 4 pole 3 phase. I need dimentions with the motor and pump assembled.
Thank You

Submitted by: Gerry

The Vickers Vane pumps are rated at 1200 RPM. You will need to look at the Piston Pumps which are rated at 1800 RPM.

The 420 Series 2.50 CID is probably the correct size pump and comes in configurations to fit many transmission and PTO packages.

You can get the dimensions and specifications from the Eaton PDF link.

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